KAVI Co. offers various services from consultations, inspecitons, supervision and technical executions and fabrications to ensure the clients to fulfill their goals. Our well trained inspectors ensure that all the measures are taken to meet the latest standards and testing requirements as per customer criteria, shop drawings and specifications.


KAVI Co. conducts in field inspections for various industrial plants and facilities in order to verify that appropriate procedures and standards are held per client’s specifications so as mandatory and requires standards.


KAVI Co. highly qualified and certified inspectors supervise various equipment and materials standards during overhaul operation of petrochemical plants as well as oil, gas, pipe industries.
This will include preparing history and maintenance data records, corrosion control evaluating rest life and issuing repairing procedures and work orders according to available codes, standards and procedures.


Inspection and certification of quality and quantity of all the products of petrochemical complexes, containing fluids, liquids, solids and bulk packaged.

Monitoring, packaging, storage, loading and unloading of goods shipped by international standards.

Lesions and the extent of damage of goods during manufacturing, pachaging or shipping.

Inspection of petroleum, petroleum products certification of quantity and quality.

Counseling and monitoring of storage tanks and clean beach, ships and tanks.

Inspection of storage tanks and vessels, monitoring their preparation.

Inspection, certification perparation storage tanks and products.

Inspection of import and export minerals and chemicals.

Operations in draft ullage survey, bunker survey, condition survey,
P&I surveys, Container inspections.